Beach Meets : Thomas Slater

We’re loving Thomas Slater’s Tour de France Updates for Manual for Speed. We catch up with T-slates to find out more. Check out the feature here.

Upcoming Event Facebook RSVP things

Does anyone notice these things? The jury is most definitely out, but we still feel obliged to always make them. Click the images for links to our two August events. 


on the lookout

Amazing work by Dutch artist Bien Philty. Cheers to Kyle Platts for the heads up! 


on the lookout

Amazing work by Dutch artist Bien Philty. Cheers to Kyle Platts for the heads up! 

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Catalogue for Artcade

We commissioned our pals at the amazing Catalogue to do the poster and identity for our Artcade show. We ended up using Mortal Kombat but they all look great. We’d like to do this show again, so if you have a space going to waste, holla. 

Steve Nazar

We’ve had a jolly nice time at the weekend trawling through the site of cult illustration hero Steve Nazar. When I was a kid, I remember my older cousin having a T&C surf t-shirt. I’d always wondered who did it, and coming across Nazar’s work was a nice reminder. Not feeling the over-polished photoshop too hard, but the classic surf stuff has some ace characters and amazing little touches. Go look. 


Puck Collective are releasing their first Puck Collective publication, so save the date and come down to be Beach London on 21st August for the launch party. 


Puck Collective are releasing their first Puck Collective publication, so save the date and come down to be Beach London on 21st August for the launch party. 

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Brick Lane’s best cheap, crappy eats

We are aware that Brick Lane is a bit of a tourist hell-hole nowadays, and there are a lot of jazzy new places that have opened that try to cater to them. There is still the danger of being dragged into Pret, which has, unfortunately, finally, opened in Shoreditch on the High Street, or, even worse, into Boxpark, which is soul-destroyingly depressing.

We have a lot of people who ask us what to grab for lunch round here too, with 3 years experience and a reputation for eating total crap. So here’s our list of top 5 good things to eat that are cheap. 

You probably won’t want any of these if you’re trying to be healthy. The colour palette is pretty beige.

Ambala Biryani


Ambala is a treasure-trove of deep fried amazingness. A myriad of Indian snacks you will know (Pakoras, Samosas, Kebab rolls) sit happily, cheaply, next to stuff you might not (the paneer rolls are immense). These make it worth the trip alone, but the mythical holy grail of Ambala cuisine is it’s Biryani. This used to be available e’rrday, but apparently now is only on Thursdays and Fridays, and currently not at all, unfortunately, until the end of Ramadan. But it’s only £3.50, and will keep you full (and put you in a coma) for about a month. 

Dosa World - Dosa


Dosa World, on Hanbury Street, is a dark horse. It’s a small, cheap, indian cafe that sells curries - no better than the thirty-thousand-plus other dumps on Brick Lane - but it’s real draw is it’s Dosas. Traditionally sold as an Indian Breakfast, a Dosa is a sort of Rice pancake, served with dips and a vegetable curry. It’s about £4 and you get bang for your buck.

Pepe’s Piri Piri


Too skint for Nando’s? No worries. Pepe’s Peri Peri, conveniently opposite Ambala, is the answer. It looks like a fried chicken joint from the outside but is always rammed at lunchtimes, and does a banging spicy rice. You can get a very handsome plate’s worth of food, like the one above, for about £6. What sets it apart is the lush garlic yogurt dip they give you. While you wait it’s sometimes nice to pop over to Ambala and start with a 45p Samosa…

Hot Salt Beef ROLL


OK, so everyone, everywhere, always bangs on about Brick Lane beigels. Particularly the hot salt beef. If you’ve not tried one, you’re an idiot. But three solid years of beigels three times a week means the novelty can wear off. One quick thing to point out is that people who come here slightly more often than a tourist will always say the white beigel shop is better. These people are morons. You get a lot more choice in the yellow one, and you can get creative with your Beigelling. They also do rolls instead of Beigels. Their rolls are amazing. So nice. Perhaps better than beigels. And it opens up a world of new possibilities. A hot salt beef roll is amazing, a different experience from the equally amazing beigel option.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese is good too, but try chucking some gherkin in with that - the people behind the counter will think you’re crazy - but it’s worth it. 

Other notable options include the Beach-titled Beigel meal deal - Roast chicken, salad, mayo, a donut and a can of coke = less than £3. 

Sichuan Folk - Hanbury Street


This quite uninviting-looking restaurant on Hanbury Street is a great alternative to getting a curry if you’re on Brick Lane late (which, let’s face it, isn’t worth bothering with anymore unless you’re having a few in the ace Pride of Spitalfields (and I doubt any Essex stag-doers will be reading this) : It doesn’t taste like shit, is very traditional, and you can get some weird dishes that might not appeal to your tastes. Tripe anyone?


Noodle King

As it’s not quite as Brick Lane-based as the others, somehow I managed to neglect the long standing bastion of flavour and atmosphere that is Noodle King.

If only this place was BYOB, it would be next level. It should be - but it’s only £2.50 for a nice cold can of Carlsberg, which, all things considered, makes it an alternative to the nearby Well and Bucket where a few (yes, a few) of the tap beers can cost you nearly a tenner.

The food is just sorta normal greasy chinese food that ought not be mentioned on the same page as the next level shit at Sichuan Folk, but make sure you get the sorta mixed-meat offerings as there is always this stained-red Pork (I think) stuff in it that is as next level as SF.

Food comes into the neon formica hell of a dining area via a dumb waiter, which is probably for the best as the toilets smell like the bits of crap on dental floss you get when you’ve not flossed your teeth for ages. I dread to think what the kitchen’s like. 

New Emily Maye prints added online…

We’ve added more prints from Emily Maye’s show ‘We Were Fought By Men Very Fast’ online. See more here and shop the entire collection only in store! New additions include Emily’s amazingly intimate portrait of Fabian Cancellera, below: 

Rob Lowe/ Supermundane - Stupid Nature

Delighted to announce that our August show will be of new work by Rob Lowe (aka Supermundane) - Don’t miss it. 


If you spend over a tenner at we’ll give you your choice of a Blast x Beach griptape knife, in a jazzy tin, or a Heresy x Beach noose scarf! Go go go go go.