Beach at Pick Me Up 2014 

We’re delighted to be back at Pick Me Up for our THIRD year on the bounce.

We’ve shown there at every festival since we opened, and we’re pretty proud of that. It really is a quite unbelievable forum for the style of work we show and like; if someone was to say ten or so years ago there’ll be an annual festival at one of the UK’s most prominent arts spaces that showcases - essentially - DIY/self publishing culture, I’d not have believed you, and certainly not if you’d go on to say how popular it would become. It seems it’s fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular arts events, and it certainly offers something unique. We feel part of the furniture there almost, for which we’re very lucky, and we really look forward to it now - seeing the new work, all the people/regulars - not to mention bumping into Jamie Oliver, Henry Holland, and, much more excitingly, Sir Paul Smith, who picked up a few bits from our area last year. And drinking lots of the Camden beer - the taste of that stuff is etched on my tongue as a reminder of early spring and being on the river and being at Pick Me Up.

 I guess each year’s been a showcase of what we’ve been doing at that point at Beach; the first year we showed, in 2012, we presented artwork and books of publishers we liked and artists we associated with them; we had the fantastic Musuems Press, 14:19, Nieves, Lubok Verlag and Nobrow - and a bunch of their artists, including Marcus Oakley, Matt Bromley, French, Cody Hudson, Gabriela Jolowicz, Jon Boam, James Jarvis and more - in hindsight a really great line up.

2013 we tried to go a bit more digital, and present a few folks we’d been working with agency-wise; Studio Output presented a wonderful Google Maps hack called the Cartograph, which is still floating about online - so go look. We also had our pals Lazy Oaf, who I’m surprised had never featured before at PMU. Sister Arrow and Tom Sewell presented some really fantastic collaborative work. The Heresy chaps presented some new garms and prints. Craig Fisher’s work from his show was there. Tom Slater, Kyle Platts and Sam Taylor showed their ‘Evil Bastards’ wall which was really popular - in hindsight, that should’ve been made as a print (lads, get on it). Crispin Finn’s cocktail prints, which we still stock, were massively popular.

The people’s choice had to go to The William’s Sister’s ‘Sports Cheeses’ prints and bRiebok T’s - it got Jamie Oliver pretty amped and almost everyone else…

This year we’ve got an even bigger balance of the diversity of people we’ve been working with. And we’re excited to be presenting some ace collaborative products too - We’re working on something cool with Blast Skates, who’ll be showing new stuff from their really exciting new line of boards and stuff. We’ve got Satta skates too, who are always good - they’ll be presenting some collaborative bits with the equally always good Stevie Gee. Build, based in Walthamstow, have done some coollaborative prints with us, which is really exciting - we’re proud to be presenting them; one of the most well-respected agencies in London. We’d planned to present UsTwo’s beautiful iOS game Monument Valley for a little while - and knew they’d smash it - but nobody could have predicted just how big it would be. It really is well deserved though. Will Reardon, an animator we work with will be preseting a new animation. We’ll have Malarky there, and his awesome Streets Of Rage hack. We’ll have some of Jakke Ovgren’s work - which we were a bit gutted to only have on for three weeks - so it’ll be nice to give his amazing work a well deserved audience…

There’ll be a few nice surprises during the week too - there alway is. Chaz will be talking on the Friday with Crowd Talks on the subject ‘why Graphic Design and Illustration is increasingly being exhibited in gallery spaces. How do events like Pick Me Up affect the public perception of Graphic Arts?’ so try and go to that.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Beach Meets : Ustwo

We catch up with our friends over at Digital design studio, Ustwo, to see how they’re getting on after their successful release of IOS and Android game, Monument Valley. From Super Mario to a detached mannequin torso and pelvis donning a cowboy hat and superman briefs, I think we cover all bases. 

Check out the feature here, and get hold of exclusive Monument Valley prints! 

Jon Burgerman’s ‘Tumblr Girls’ opens TONIGHT

The opening of Jon Burgerman’s ‘Tumblr Girls’ is TONIGHT at Beach London gallery. Come and check out the work from 6pm, and grab a free beer too. 

See you later! 

Last Few Days of Jacob’s SEX Sick Emotions X-ibit!

Jacob Ovgren’s solo show is only up for another few days here in the Beach London Gallery.

If you haven’t managed to check it out yet, pop down!
Some of our favourite original pieces are going quickly -Don’t miss out and check out what’s left of the Original Artwork here.

Jon Burgerman’s ‘Tumblr Girls’ Preview # 2

With the opening of Jon Burgerman’s ‘Tumblr Girls’ getting closer, we thought we give you another sneak peak of what’s in store for next Thursday. 

'Tumblr Girls' presents a series of 100 portraits based on girls found on the social blogging network, Tumblr. Whilst Tumblr serves many adolescents as a place to keep a diary of found online media - be it artwork, skateboarding, girls, musings or just about anything else - as well as sharing fellow users’ posts. Burgerman has become encompassed by this escapist, almost fantastical, world, and has made a series of portraits reinterpreting images of girls found in different Tumblr accounts and, rather than the typical method of simply reposting, Burgerman, prints the picture, draws it, and posts it on his personal page.

Remember to check out the facebook event here.

Sneak Peak of what’s in store for Jon Burgerman’s ‘Tumblr Girls’. 
Opening on the 27th March, the show presents 100 portraits of girls found on Tumblr. Don’t miss it, you might see a familiar face ;) 
Check the facebook event here. 

Sneak Peak of what’s in store for Jon Burgerman’s ‘Tumblr Girls’. 

Opening on the 27th March, the show presents 100 portraits of girls found on Tumblr. Don’t miss it, you might see a familiar face ;) 

Check the facebook event here. 

Jacob Ovgren Sick Emotions x-ibit!

Last Thursday, we had the opening of Jacob Ovgren’s SEX Sick Emotions X-ibit. The gallery got busy as soon as the doors opened, and the shop was full of Polar Skateboards, Tee’s and Stickers all illustrated by Jacob himself. 
Three lucky winners won a Jacob for Polar deck from the raffle, and there was even a Merv look alike on the scene. 
Check out some of the pics below  and if you haven’t checked out the work already, come and visit the gallery before the 23rd!





You can shop all Jacobs work, Decks and t-shirts online at Beach.

Jacob Ovgren’s SEX Sick Emotions X-ibit tonight at Beach!

Jacob Ovgren’s SEX Sick Emotions X-ibit is tonight! If you haven’t heard already, we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on one of these three illustrated Polar Decks. Come and grab a numbered sticker this evening and we’ll be doing a raffle draw around half 7. See you tonight!

Jacob Ovgren opening this Thursday!

Everyone’s talking about Jacob’s show, opening this Thursday!

Thanks to our friends People of Print for featuring it.

We Heart have written a great piece too…

Go have a read and see some more sneak peak images.

Jacob Ovgren, whose show SEX opens at Beach Thursday, designs boards for Polar skateboards. 

We asked him to tell us his all time top 5 board graphics. Above, we have:

101 / Natas Kaupas “devil worship” / by Marc McKee

Schmitt Stix / Joe Lopes “BBQ” / by Neil Blender

World Industries / Chris “Dune” Pastras “Dune” / by Marc McKee

Milk / Ron Chatman “Bike” / by Ron Chatman

Blind / Jason Lee “American Icons” / by Marc McKee