Our current exhibitor French let us into his studio this week to get a peak into how he works, what he rates and to hear his views on “affordable art fairs”.

Although his work conjours up views of all things dark and menevolent his studio space is completely the opposite….aside from the many books on black magic and the sacrificial goat, I’m sure I heard, hidden away in his cupboard.

French tells us that he had rented a studio space with friends in the past but after having to contend for space just to work in (something we experience quite a bit at Beach!) combined with a recent move to a flat with a sizable loft space he decided to bring his work home.

On his Desk we spy a work that he had been working on recently, working initially from a collage of images then translating them into into his grizzly style, initially with pencil to leave room for changes. French told us this particular cat was going to get his ears chopped off and replaced by larger more evil ones.

Outside of exhibitions most of the work that French does is through his collaborations with different skate and clothing labels like Carhartt, who sponsored his exhibition at Beach and, Vans. 

After talking about his art we somehow got onto talking about the subject of affordable art and the fairs that promise to offer up fresh and reasonably priced work to the public that always seem to be anything but affordable to the average joe. In comparison to these fairs his original works for Let us Prey are a real steal and definitely worth a look in person.

The exhibition runs till the 27th of May, you better come see it…or the Goat Gets it!

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