It’s been a blinding week for new books in. We’ve not got a huge stock of some of these beasts so act now or be disappointed!

From L-R

PeepShow collective - £25

Launched at Beach on Wednesday, despite being out since Pick Me Up, this bumper  book highlights ten years of the hugely influential collective. As we launched it, we’re giving away a super foilblocked leather bookmark, and a postcard pack, so no excuses! Makes a great gift for any illustration/art students too.

Zug Magazine #3 - £13

We had Zug #2 in and it was cool but not amazing. They’re really stepped it up with this one though. It grabbed our attention with a load of banana-based illustrators by total ruler Stefan Marx, and introduced us to some absolutely brilliant artists and illustrators. Super cool.

Peter Sutherland zine - £6

What more can be said about Peter Sutherland? He’s bloody everywhere, but it’s cool coz his work’s amazing. Nice to see an affordable, b+w zine by him, that really suits his throwaway style. Don’t miss this, it’ll go quick.

ShoboShobo zine - £6

I love Shoboshobo. I helped him paint a wall for a show once and he gave me a drawing - ultimate day. His loose drawings are rad and you’ll be looking over this one for a while, trying to get your head round it. I saw it in Colette a few weeks ago and didn’t buy it and regretted it, but now we have them here! Yay!

Leo Fitzpatrick - Not Garbage - £13

Most people know Leo Fitzpatrick as the fucked up guy from Kids. He’s also a hugely influential artist in New York. Who’d’ve thought. This book is a beautiful bumper black and white collection of his drawings, collages and found images. It’s published by the amazing OHWOW. Don’t miss it.

SYMBL #2 - £5

Beautifully printed and thoughtfully made photo-zine that’s the second in a series. Really nice, don’t miss it.

Andrew Rae - Worm Brains - £5

Andrew Rae is always popular and it’s easy to see why, his work is really funny. This book is super clever too. Makes a great gift.

Click the titles of the books to see them (and more pics!) in the shop!

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