Artist Vs MDF is a new fortnightly (ish) do we are planning on having. We supply an artist, illustrator or designer with a sheet of MDF, and let them attack it. The result(s) will be for sale as the day goes on, at very reasonable prices! It’s gonna be a good laugh and a great way to check out and buy some ace new work.

First up is Thomas Slater, a recent Camberwell graduate and totally nice dude. Check out his work here. There is talk of him using his MDF to do some awesome paintings of Hawaiian shirts. Total want.

He also did a T-shirt for Slap skateboard magazine recently! How cool is that!

Artist VS MDF #2, On the 24th of Sept, will star Suzi Kemp.

Posted: August 30, 2011 • 12:19 PM
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