WOW! These are one of the coolest things we’ve had in - Josh wiley - he of Cactus zine (which you may have seen online and instore) fame - made this book to accompany his Tour De France newspaper zine he made for his degree show. The work in the book is a beautifully illustrated and very original take on the Tour.

They are available in VERY limited quantities and you get the zine AND the cap for just £25. Don’t miss it.

We’ve just added a bunch of new publications to the Beach shop, including lots of titles by our Publisher of the Month Famicon Express (interview coming very soon). Have a look


We had the Heresy launc last night, it was good fun, people were nice and lots of Bondi Beer got drunk.

We have got some new prints in by FAIF, after he and David Mendez Alonso hit up our back wall the other day. Check them out, and check the cool kid Eggs getting one over on the bad copper forks…

They are just £40 each and are three colours and 50 x 65 cm.

Get one here

Edition by Martin Cole x B.C. now available here

Amazing. Available here now!

It’s been a blinding week for new books in. We’ve not got a huge stock of some of these beasts so act now or be disappointed!

From L-R

PeepShow collective - £25

Launched at Beach on Wednesday, despite being out since Pick Me Up, this bumper  book highlights ten years of the hugely influential collective. As we launched it, we’re giving away a super foilblocked leather bookmark, and a postcard pack, so no excuses! Makes a great gift for any illustration/art students too.

Zug Magazine #3 - £13

We had Zug #2 in and it was cool but not amazing. They’re really stepped it up with this one though. It grabbed our attention with a load of banana-based illustrators by total ruler Stefan Marx, and introduced us to some absolutely brilliant artists and illustrators. Super cool.

Peter Sutherland zine - £6

What more can be said about Peter Sutherland? He’s bloody everywhere, but it’s cool coz his work’s amazing. Nice to see an affordable, b+w zine by him, that really suits his throwaway style. Don’t miss this, it’ll go quick.

ShoboShobo zine - £6

I love Shoboshobo. I helped him paint a wall for a show once and he gave me a drawing - ultimate day. His loose drawings are rad and you’ll be looking over this one for a while, trying to get your head round it. I saw it in Colette a few weeks ago and didn’t buy it and regretted it, but now we have them here! Yay!

Leo Fitzpatrick - Not Garbage - £13

Most people know Leo Fitzpatrick as the fucked up guy from Kids. He’s also a hugely influential artist in New York. Who’d’ve thought. This book is a beautiful bumper black and white collection of his drawings, collages and found images. It’s published by the amazing OHWOW. Don’t miss it.

SYMBL #2 - £5

Beautifully printed and thoughtfully made photo-zine that’s the second in a series. Really nice, don’t miss it.

Andrew Rae - Worm Brains - £5

Andrew Rae is always popular and it’s easy to see why, his work is really funny. This book is super clever too. Makes a great gift.

Click the titles of the books to see them (and more pics!) in the shop!